Dental Treatments at the clinic

When you initially enrol as a patient at the clinic, we like to first go through an examination to understand your current oral health. Our new patient examination includes a 30 minute appointment with the dentist. You will need to complete a full medical history questionnaire and smile questionnaire. The dentist will provide a full mouth dental check – up which includes your teeth, gums and soft tissues. It may be necessary to take some X-rays to check for dental caries, which the dentist will advise you of during your appointment. At this time we can begin to advise you on any dental treatments that may need to be carried out.

Visit our hygienist

Our hygienist provides a one to one personalised treatment visit which includes an assessment of your overall oral health. She offers a general scale and polish, periodontal treatment, oral hygiene instruction and dietary advice. You can book a Hygiene appointment without being registered patient of the practice. Find out how by clicking here.